Principal's Message

Dear Students and Parents,

Since our inception in 1986, the name Kathmandu Valley School is synonymous with “quality”. For the past 31 years, we’ve focused on an environment that promotes intensive learning and an overall physical and mental development via our various extra-curricular activities on the field and in the auditorium. And with the individual care each student receives from our teachers through our classes that consists of a limited number of students, it is little wonder that our esteemed alumni network ranges from doctors and medical professionals to engineers, bankers and hoteliers in Nepal and abroad.

For any student, school years (Playgroup - Grade 12) are the “make or break” years: Their performance in school determines the direction where their career and lives will head towards - And it all starts with getting into the right school and selecting a specific stream of study that makes sense. As an educator, the way I see it, there is zero room for error here. Each and every student will need to be guided and mentored to believe in themselves and develop an overall self-confidence that they can compete at the highest levels. With this mission in mind, the staff and teachers at Kathmandu Valley School will provide all our students with the necessary tools to achieve the goals and ambition they've set for themselves.

I look forward to seeing you attend Kathmandu Valley School and allow me and my team to help you in your educational pursuits and future endeavors.

Truth, Loyalty, Service!

Karma Tenzing